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Eid Mubarak!

I just want to wish myself an Eid Mubarak!!! Tomorrow is Eid-ul-Adha.  Unfortunately it snuck up on us this year as we weren’t paying attention so pretty much everyone has to work today, and I have to review for my finals.  It’s gonna feel like a regular day other than the fact that we’ll be having the usual family dinner.  Although, I’m not even sure everyone will be able to make it for that…alas, if only we got as much time off as we do for Christmas.  I remember being little and feeling like Eid was SUCH a huge deal, now it feels like just another thing that we don’t have enough time for.

But anyways, for those of you who dont know what Eid-ul-Adha is, here’s a brief explanation:

“Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى ‘Īd ul-’Aḍḥā) or the Festival of Sacrifice (Turkish: Kurban Bayramı) is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims and Druze worldwide in commemoration of the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. The devil tempted Ibrahim by saying he should disobey God and spare his son. As Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son, God intervened and instead provided a lamb as the sacrifice. This is why today all over the world Muslims who have the means to, sacrifice an animal (usually a goat or a sheep), as a reminder of Ibrahim’s obedience to God. The meat is then shared out with family, friends (Muslims or non-Muslims), as well as the poor members of the community. “–

So if you celebrate Eid, I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, food and fun.  If you don’t celebrate Eid, I hope you have a particularly fantastic Monday full of um….something that will make your Monday suck less. Love, Peace and Hugs!



eek grammar!

HAHA…okay, so I just have to say that I went back and read the last post that I just wrote, and it makes no grammatical sense whatsoever. I’m also far too lazy to go back and edit it even though that’s fully possible. Tee hee, you’ll all have to live with my errors….


My snippet of the debates…

So I’m sure that I should be talking in-depth about the Presidential debate that just took place, but I’m just too boggled with other things. I’m sure the Bella will give you full run-down but just so that I don’t feel guilty, here’s my two cents. Bear in mind that while I have strong opinions about certain things, I am by no means fully educated in the realm of politics so this is no intended to be intellectual AT ALL.

I only actually caught the tail-end as I am a slacker who is still in school and had class till about 9.30pm. Of what I saw, I actually have to say that as a hardcore Obama fan, it pains me to admit that McCain doesn’t suck as a debater/speaker…whatever you want to call it. There were moments where he was pulling the Grampa thing, and I was totally almost falling for it. Naturally, I came to my senses because I agree with almost NOTHING he said. I must also say that I get thrills and chills every time Obama said “Pakistan,” because he actually pronounced it right. FYI..the ‘pak’ rhymes with ‘barack’ and not with ‘sack’ or ‘back’ or ‘tack’….or any thing of that essence.

Also, what do you suppose a candidate does if they’re second to answer a question, and they totally agree with the other candidate’s response? Can he just be like, ‘yo, homeboy stole my answer’ or ‘duuuddeeee! thats what i was gonna say!!!’? I don’t know, I could imagine myself being in that situation, listening to the other candidate’s answer thinking ‘oh shit, now what am I supposed to say?????’

So yeah, that’s all I got for now. Expect rantings about my life to come later….


Oh Snap! of the Day

jas: did anything else get taken?

belle: no that was it, i think it was an in and out thing
belle: that’s what she said
belle: hahahaha

jas: hahah…at first i was abt to be like…thats what who said??
jas: and then i got it lol

belle: oh dear
belle: are you that out of practice

jas: apparently not 😉




Barack, my love, my hero…

I’m not quite back with a vengeance yet, but I just wanted to ask the question:

Is it weird that I am fully convinced that Barack Obama is not only fit to be President of the United States, but that he will save me, save the world, cure cancer, turn shit into gold at the touch of his hand and make bad hair days physically impossible? Do I have too much faith in one man?


Invisible for awhile

Jas just wants to say that she is aware of many intriguing and intelligent posts being written on this blog.  She however, is losing her fucking mind, and will be taking a slight hiatus for say…..a week? Maybe less?  She doesn’t know, the point is, don’t expect to see too much of Princess Jasmine for the next couple of days.

When I come back though, I promise it will be with a vengeance.


sink or swim?

Life goes through its cycle of ups, when you have an insane amount of energy and you feel like you can take on the world and charge down everything that makes its way into your path. It also has its downs, where you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of things to do with not even remotely enough time to get it all done, even less energy, and microscopic amounts of motivation. I would say, right now, I’m experiencing a down.

I cannot shake this sense of impending doom. The world is about to thoroughly kick my ass. I can feel it. I’m sure I could attribute these emotions to stress, but I really don’ t think that I have enough stress to be complaining. It’s simply that at the end of the day, I am incompetent sissy. Despite this conclusion, I have to keep moving forward. There’s nothing I’d like more than to just stop fighting against the tide and let myself sink to the bottom of the ocean floor, but that’s just not an option. I wonder why I, and others who I know feel this way, often don’t give ourselves this option? Not in the sense that it’s the best course of action, but what is it that forces us to keep going when all we want to do is hibernate? Some days I feel that it’s solely my fear of what other people will think if I stop; other times it’s because I know that if I stop now I may never get going again, and where will that leave me?

My hugest concern when I fall into a valley like this one is that at the end of my life I will have done nothing. I start contemplating the future and worrying about how it will end up. I will not have established a fine career, I will not have loved someone and had them love me, I will not raise a happy well-adjusted child, and I might never do something to really, truly help someone in need. But then again, who gets to do all of those things in one lifetime? What makes me think that I have any right to be allowed to accomplish so much in one lifetime? Wouldn’t you think everyone gets ONE great accomplishment and that’s it?

But if I don’t keep going and keep working, then I won’t even get my one big accomplishment. So it may be that i can’t take over the world, but if I don’t stop every time I hit a slight roadblock then maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll eventually do something that people will remember.

Hmmm… I’ve talked myself out of the funk for now… but it may not last for long…