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Happy Monday-Before-Turkey-Day!

skydiving_blogHello, everyone! It’s the countdown ’til Thanksgiving, and I’m sure you’ve got your cranberries and whatnot in order. I’ll be jetsetting off to California for turkey this week (the northern part, if you must know) and hitting up San Francisco for frightening hordes of cash-strapped shoppers and even doing some skydiving, believe it or not. So I’ll have some super-fun photogs of the day for you coming up!

That is, um, if I don’t die. I mean… I am JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE. It’s a significant risk!

Anyway, it looks like with Mr. Belle’s help I’ll be in charge of dessert at his family’s Thanksgiving party this year. This is pretty typical; I am MUCH better at baking than cooking, and I spend every holiday stuffing my friends with enough sugar to give them diabetes (you love it, don’t lie!) so making pies is not much of a stretch. Pressures of impressing the boyfriend’s extended family aside, that is.

But I have no idea what to cook. Usually, when it comes to finding new recipes or ideas, Martha is my girl. I have every baking book she’s ever published and a lot of her regular cookbooks. Granted, she’s a little OCD for my tastes, so I tend to scope out the easier recipes she has first and work my way up, but I’m such a fanatic that if she says it’s worth it I pretty much believe her. (The same thing does not apply for decorations or… y’know, household stuff. I don’t take this kind of thing to extremes, and neither does Cranberry Blossom, lol) But, dammit, who else can make deep-frying a turkey look so goddamn easy?

Well, besides Alton Brown, that is. (Oh, Alton… I have SUCH a huge crush on your culinary geekiness!)

But I just can’t seem to find the right mix of “pie to impress Grandma” and “easy but looks like I worked really hard on it.”Most of Martha’s recipes take so much work and finesse that I’m sure it’s going to cross that line from “impressive” to “way too much work!” So far this pumpkin bread pudding looks tasty and fun to make, but beyond that… I’m stumped.

So I turn to you, dear readers. What’s your plan for Thanksgiving? Do you not even bother? Help me out, here!


Photog of the Day: Learning to Crash

belle's first lesson in motocross

July 17, 2008: belle's first motocross lesson

Barack, We Need to Talk…

Obama smokes. Yeah, Mike, we know.

Now, I have been enjoying Obama euphoria as much as anyone. Without it, the prospect would be depressing indeed. But where is the skepticism? If Obama actually has accomplished the miracle of giving up cigarettes at the apogee of a presidential race, he should be happy to let us know this and add to his superman image. And if he hasn’t? Well, if he is straight with us about it, we should forgive him. So he’s not a superman. Neither are we. In a democracy, that is a good thing for ruler and ruled to know they have in common. Furthermore, as presidential vices go, this one is not near the top. As for being a role model for youths, Obama’s good habits outweigh this single bad one. He’s great on hydration, apparently.

Personally, lighting up just ain’t that big of a deal for me. Mr. Belle smokes, not all the time but maybe a few cigarettes a day, and I’m one of the only non-smokers I know who doesn’t mind kissing somebody who has a cancer stick hanging out of their mouth regularly. There are many, many people who disagree with me, however. And, honestly, when it comes to Barry I kind of agree with them.

When you say that smoking makes O more human or less supermaobaman, I guess it’s true; but how human is the president supposed to be? How flawed is someone with that much power allowed to be? We have a noble history of flawed presidents to look back on, for sure, but with O simultaneously being the harbinger of a grand cultural shift and under the magnifying glass of “OMG YOU’RE BLACK, KIND OF,” there isn’t much room for being flawed. There also isn’t room for saying you’ve quit, you haven’t quit, you’re wanting to quit and your wife is inspiring you to quit, all at the same time. It’s distracting.

Sure, anti-smoking guy is on your side and that wins you brownie points, but Barack, what I really need is an actual plan. I need to know that you can stick to your guns and follow through on either smoking or not smoking. Preferably the latter. Because there are so many bigger things for you to follow through on… not to mention national security and not getting carpal tunnel. Quitting would show me and the rest of America that you are dependable, even for the little things, and that you will prioritize your health so that you can hopefully lead us for a very long time. Leading us on might make us get all angry-woman-scorned on you, and that really would have worse consequences for you than for the old white guy we would normally have elected.

I mean, we chose you over Old Man Melanoma, right? Now that the pressure’s over, somewhat, put the cigs down. Compared to what you have to do in a few months, (and, like, right now) this is nothing.



When the Cat’s Away…

Posts are coming. A new lay-out is coming. Change… you can has it!




Photog of the Day: Ominous


Sunset over Edsall Road, October 3

My Friends, Americans Are Scary F$*@kers

Via the Guardian:

The connection to the Order is evident in the numbers the two men scrawled on their car on Saturday shortly before they were arrested: 14 and 88. The so-called Fourteen Words is a slogan – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” – coined by Order member David Lane, who also wrote an essay called 88 Precepts. In white supremacist circles, 14-88 is a shorthand expression of allegiance to the beliefs put forth by Lane and the Order, who wanted to found a white homeland where they could preserve the “Aryan race” from being polluted by non-whites and enslaved by the “Zionist-occupied government” of the US. Lane also advocated polygamy and a kind of European paganism he called Wotanism.

All those pent-up racist emotions that crazy people have kept relatively pent up are going to come waaay out of the woodwork if my boy wins. Good luck to us all…

But! Maybe McCain will pull it out? Check out Real Clear Politics’ fun stats and waste a few hours biting your fingernails about it!

Let’s Just Get This Over With

McCain is feeling feisty! At least, so says the Herald. And ya know what, that is not a bad way to describe the little bugger. I’m sure he is just chomping at the bit to either avoid the emergency RNC meeting scheduled for after the election (sshhh) so he can avoid the plane crash (ZING!) or pop some bottles and let Cindy steal just a tiny sip of champagne to choke down those painkillers as she realizes she’s actually First Lady. (Whoops! Too far? I do feel bad for her. She’s in a bad marriage and probably hates her life more than any of us can imagine. If she needs some little white helpers to get her through, so be it.) Republicans are pushing away old Bushy to let McCain have the spotlight, or try, anyway, on the eve of Election Day. Speculations about the results are raging (this Kenyan newspaper is actually a really interesting read, and totally doesn’t have a favorite candidate, LOL. Did you know they have a bull ready for celebratory slaughter when they find out he wins? Par-tay!) and Americans are trying to remember if they’ve already voted or not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I AM SO SICK OF THIS ELECTION. So the fact that tomorrow is voting day and tomorrow night is speculation night and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday are recount days just excites me like nothing else. IT WILL FINALLY BE OVERRRRR!!!

But, on the eve of this momentous and dragged out election, we gotta send condolences out to Barry: His grandmother passed away in Honolulu. 😦 Sad faces all around… here’s hoping he has a few minutes to actually grieve before he has to lead the free world, or whatever.