My top 10 favorite movie scenes…

So I was extremely bored the other day despite the 10 million things I always have to do, and I needed something to think about that has nothing to do with family, school, interning or work, and wouldn’t cause any frustration or depression. I decided to hit up a friend on facebook who always does top 10 lists with me, and never fails to give me something fun to let my imagination run with. I wanted a good one to contemplate over the next few days so that I could have something easy and interesting to ponder during those useless moments on the metro when weird things pop into your mind.

Good ole’ Ben from State College gave me a pretty difficult but entertaining list to form: My top 10 favorite movie scenes. Here they are in no particular order ( I included links to the scene if I could find it):

10. ’10 things I hate about you’–The scene where Michael and Cameron drop a whole bunch of flyers from the top of the school staircase as the song ‘sexy boy’ plays by Air. (The first 16 s of this video)

9. ‘Donnie Darko’–The scene towards the beginning of the movie when ‘Head over Heels’ is playing by Tears for Fears. It’s kind of a montage showing you every character in the movie and kind of captures the essence of what their purpose is in the movie. (The first 2 1/2 min of this video)


8. ‘Batman Begins’–When Batman is interrogating Flass about a shipment of drugs and Flass says, “I never knew, I swear to God!”… and Batman replies: “Swear to me!”

7. ‘Cruel Intentions’–The ending scene as ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ plays by the Verve.( often affects my choices..)

6. ‘Love Actually’–The very beginning when Hugh Grant is telling us that love actually IS all around us. 🙂

5. ‘Wicker Park’–The end of the movie when Lisa and Matthew find each other at the airport after being kept apart for so long.

4. ‘The Boondock Saints’–Towards the end of the movie, the courtroom scene where the brothers’ and their father explain their purpose to the people of the courtroom. “We do not ask for your poor and your hungry. We do not ask for your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim…”

3. ‘Office Space’–The scene where they beat up the fax machine. (Starting from 3:32s)

2. ‘Meet Joe Black:–The scene where Brad Pitt gets hit by a car.

I can’t find a good video for this one, but I’m not psychotic.  This isn’t my favorite because I enjoy seeing Brad Pitt get hit by a car.  It’s more the fact that it’s interesting to me because the makers of this film inadvertently made this scene really funny.  I’ve never seen anyone get hit by a car, so I don’t know what it looks like, but the way Brad Pitt’s body twists and turns looks more like a cartoon than a live-action movie.

1. ‘Little Miss Sunshine’–Noo, not the scene where she does her dance, the scene when Dwayne finds out he’s colorblind.  I just think his reaction was really genuine, and I felt how disappointed he was.

And that’s my mindless post.  I also apologize profusely for my absence, I will not let this much time pass without posting again.  Sorry.


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