Let’s Just Get This Over With

McCain is feeling feisty! At least, so says the Herald. And ya know what, that is not a bad way to describe the little bugger. I’m sure he is just chomping at the bit to either avoid the emergency RNC meeting scheduled for after the election (sshhh) so he can avoid the plane crash (ZING!) or pop some bottles and let Cindy steal just a tiny sip of champagne to choke down those painkillers as she realizes she’s actually First Lady. (Whoops! Too far? I do feel bad for her. She’s in a bad marriage and probably hates her life more than any of us can imagine. If she needs some little white helpers to get her through, so be it.) Republicans are pushing away old Bushy to let McCain have the spotlight, or try, anyway, on the eve of Election Day. Speculations about the results are raging (this Kenyan newspaper is actually a really interesting read, and totally doesn’t have a favorite candidate, LOL. Did you know they have a bull ready for celebratory slaughter when they find out he wins? Par-tay!) and Americans are trying to remember if they’ve already voted or not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I AM SO SICK OF THIS ELECTION. So the fact that tomorrow is voting day and tomorrow night is speculation night and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday are recount days just excites me like nothing else. IT WILL FINALLY BE OVERRRRR!!!

But, on the eve of this momentous and dragged out election, we gotta send condolences out to Barry: His grandmother passed away in Honolulu. 😦 Sad faces all around… here’s hoping he has a few minutes to actually grieve before he has to lead the free world, or whatever.


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