Voting for Change: The Video Game

[12:18] belle: obama put ads in guitar hero

[12:18] ivan: O_O

[12:18] belle: wow that’s insane

[12:18] ivan: NO WAI
[12:18] ivan: thats the new guitar hero

[12:19] belle: he put ads in 16 different games
[12:19] belle: i ❤ obama

[12:20] ivan: i cant believe that
[12:20] ivan: that is leet as fuck

[12:20] belle: i knoooow
[12:20] belle: they’re awesome
[12:20] belle: hang on
[12:21] belle:

[12:23] ivan: O_O
[12:23] ivan: LOL

[12:23] belle: i loooooves it

[12:23] ivan: BARACK OBAMA
[12:23] ivan: dude
[12:23] ivan: if i was hardcore mccain
[12:23] ivan: and i heard
[12:24] ivan: “Barack Obama has officially become the first presidential candidate to buy an ad in a video game.”
[12:24] ivan: it would be over
[12:24] ivan: regardless of policies

[12:24] belle: hahahaha

[12:24] ivan: history
[12:24] ivan: record

Dear Barack,

You have won my heart. Not only did you geek out with Superman references at the Alfred E. Newman dinner, but you text me nearly everyday, send me emails every morning and now you’re in my Guitar Hero. You talk to me more than my own boyfriend. You truly are the future, B, and Ivan and I love you for it.

And that is why I am proudly voting for you in this election. That and because your wife is awesome enough to have let you do things like advertise in video games and make jokes about having children in wedlock. A vote for you is a vote for her, and Michelle, I know you’ll be great in the Oval Office. You keep that man in line!

All my love,



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