My snippet of the debates…

So I’m sure that I should be talking in-depth about the Presidential debate that just took place, but I’m just too boggled with other things. I’m sure the Bella will give you full run-down but just so that I don’t feel guilty, here’s my two cents. Bear in mind that while I have strong opinions about certain things, I am by no means fully educated in the realm of politics so this is no intended to be intellectual AT ALL.

I only actually caught the tail-end as I am a slacker who is still in school and had class till about 9.30pm. Of what I saw, I actually have to say that as a hardcore Obama fan, it pains me to admit that McCain doesn’t suck as a debater/speaker…whatever you want to call it. There were moments where he was pulling the Grampa thing, and I was totally almost falling for it. Naturally, I came to my senses because I agree with almost NOTHING he said. I must also say that I get thrills and chills every time Obama said “Pakistan,” because he actually pronounced it right. FYI..the ‘pak’ rhymes with ‘barack’ and not with ‘sack’ or ‘back’ or ‘tack’….or any thing of that essence.

Also, what do you suppose a candidate does if they’re second to answer a question, and they totally agree with the other candidate’s response? Can he just be like, ‘yo, homeboy stole my answer’ or ‘duuuddeeee! thats what i was gonna say!!!’? I don’t know, I could imagine myself being in that situation, listening to the other candidate’s answer thinking ‘oh shit, now what am I supposed to say?????’

So yeah, that’s all I got for now. Expect rantings about my life to come later….



One response to “My snippet of the debates…

  1. “a slacker who is still in school”

    doesn’t that sound off to you?

    and you know that since he pronounces pahk-ees-tahn correctly, that makes him a terrorist. i guess that makes ME a terrorist, though, by GOP logic.

    good debaters (lol) know how to say the exact same response in a different way, you know? “well, IN CONTRAST WITH MY OPPONENT, i actually believe the same thing he does.” it’s all about the synonyms, baby. or pointing out one tiny difference and making it seem like the BIGGEST DEAL EVER. because you know what? the american public does not give a fuck about how the system works. they’re voting for their favorite american idol, and dammit, if the songs they’ve been singin’ sound nice then who cares if they have no vocal range, can’t work with any other singer and their entire album has to be produced by a huge team of people who get paid to make them sound good? they gots a pretty face.

    ah, metaphors 🙂

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