Oh Snap! of the Day

ivan: LOL
ivan: when we went to t’s uncle’s place
ivan: his wife had his daughters baby there
ivan: and the baby was chewing on some rubber chew toy thing
ivan: and with an entirely serious face
ivan: i looked the baby in the eyes
ivan: witht he rubber thing hanging from it’s jaws and said
ivan: “that’s not food, noob”

belle: ROFL
belle: OH SNAP
belle: FACE

ivan: omg i wasn’t being malicious
ivan: noobs are people too
ivan: its not every day you see a IRL noob
ivan: especially one that isn’t even level 1 yet

belle: rofl


One response to “Oh Snap! of the Day

  1. That was so funny, I have to say that was one of the best quotes of the summer. Which is saying a lot considering our philmont celebrity statuses

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