Biden: Why Cautious Optimism Is The Best Approach

Like most left-leaning young professionals, I was happy with Biden’s performance in the VP Debate last week.  He didn’t dominate Palin as I was expecting, but he also didn’t end up with his foot stuck in his mouth, which I was also halfway expecting.  When Obama first announced Biden as his VP pick, I was extremely skeptical, and I’ve warmed to him somewhat.  However, as a professional nerd, I’m still somewhat wary of Biden’s nerd credentials, as detailed here at CNET: Joe Biden’s pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record

Two of the key points:

1.  Biden was a central figure to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, so much so that he was one of only four Senators invited to a champagne reception in celebration of its ratification, hosted by the RIAA.  If you’re not aware of the DMCA, it’s a somewhat disgusting piece of legislation that enabled the RIAA’s peer-to-peer crusade of the first few years of this century.  If you’ve ever heard of a friend or a fellow student receiving a cease and desist letter from their ISP in the mail for copyright infringement, the DMCA is what enabled that letter.

2.  He opposed pre-emptive regulatory legislation to curtail Internet Service Providers (ISPs)’ and content providers’ increasingly pounce-ready stance on network neutrality.  Net Neutrality, as it’s often called, is something that’s likely to become a buzz word amongst the “I have no idea what this whole thing is about but young people seem to care about it” newsperson demographic in the next year or two.  Here’s a quick primer on Net Neutrality as written by the capable (and obviously knowledgeable) people over at Google.

I’m not saying those things should automatically disqualify him, but as a self-professed hardcore nerd, I would like some sort of reassurance from Biden (in that stately, grandfatherly measured tone) that he is, in fact, committed to upholding my right as an ADHD twenty-something to kill time finding and watching videos of stupid people doing stupid things.


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