In the event of a water landing, you may be used as a flotation device.

I have returned to East Tennessee.
I’ve been very busy rearranging my apartment and looking for somewhere to work. I have submitted nine (9) applications for employment thus far, all of which are within biking distance. The price of operating my behemoth of a car has reached critical mass and I have, therefore, made the planning necessary to minimize my reliance on internal combustion engine driven transportation.
I’m sure that’s a whole lot of boring information you could live without.

On the fun side of things, I’ve been playing Rock Band 2 with my almost exclusively rhythm game oriented circle of friends. I am absolutely in love with the drum trainer. It’s an incredibly handy tool for anyone who’s trying to obtain a sense of rhythm.
Among the harder songs for guitar in the latest iteration of Rock Band are Master Exploder by Tenacious D and Chop Suey by System of a Down.
I havn’t had a whole lot of time to spend playing video games but I played RB2 enough to know these songs are very very hard.

You might not care a whole lot but North Korea turned 60 years old the other day! I have a particular fascination with North Korea as, in my senior year, I entertained ideas of defecting to the last great socialist regime and providing them with sub-par IT support. Actually, that isn’t true. It might be true. Not feasible, though. Or is it?

Speaking of socialism, has anybody seen Wall Street lately? Holy sweet mother mercy! Last week was comprised of an absolutely bewildering series of economic cataclysms, resulting in some very serious changes to the very fabric of the American Economic System, as it were. I’m sure the vast majority of our readership has no idea whatsoever of how it all went down and what it means for the future, so after consulting a OMG REAL LIFE FREDDIE MAC EMPLOYEE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS and still failing to understand, I asked the New York Times to put it in words my feeble mind can understand.
They totally delivered.

This bailout plan is going to cost 700 billion USD. That’s about $3,000 for every single citizen of the United States. This is a very serious situation. The implications for the future of American Consumerism are grave. The significance of last week will echo for years, perhaps decades, to come. Expect savings accounts to get owned, jobs to be lost, and the value of your home to bottom out. That is a very real possibility at this point, a very unhappy future that is no where near the worst case scenario.

It looks like our hour is up! I promised Belle a graphical overhaul at a self-set and very unrealistic deadline, but worry not, it is on the way. Take a moment sometime this week and be grateful that you live in a time of such drastic change. It may not be an optimistic time to be alive, but it’s definitely very exciting.



One response to “In the event of a water landing, you may be used as a flotation device.

  1. At a conference last week on the Millennial Generation (REPRESENT!) a girl about our age went up to the mic and told the researchers that right now is a damned good time to be alive. Their stunned expressions either signaled that girlfriend had no idea what she was talkin’ about, or maybe this is like totally exciting and stuff. Who knows?

    I have full faith in your ability to rock the Rock Band, though! Good luck with employment!

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