Invisible for awhile

Jas just wants to say that she is aware of many intriguing and intelligent posts being written on this blog.  She however, is losing her fucking mind, and will be taking a slight hiatus for say…..a week? Maybe less?  She doesn’t know, the point is, don’t expect to see too much of Princess Jasmine for the next couple of days.

When I come back though, I promise it will be with a vengeance.



3 responses to “Invisible for awhile

  1. I can help you post lost ads; perhaps a good samaritan will find your mind and return it?

  2. I’d be forever in the debt of whoever managed to find it for me. Lost ads would be helpful.

  3. I have it right over here! That means you have to come hang out with me so you can get it back! Nyah, nyah…

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